Why should I blog?

I am a teacher with a passion for integrating technology in the classroom.  Currently, I am teaching at Loyola School of Adult and Continuing Education in Kingston Ontario.

I have been teaching for many years and have had so many wonderful experiences.  I am currently completing my Principal Qualifications Course and was creating a new Professional Portfolio.

I realized that I have a few binders of resumes, reference letters, certificates etc.  They all seem so outdated.  If I am going to lead by example, I need to put my ideas and values out there to “learn openly” as George Couros calls it.  Allow others to challenge me and make me better.  Of course I may have no followers on my blog, but that is OK, I’m doing it for my own journey.

I am going to break down my blog into categories and that should help me identify my strengths and also my weaknesses so I know what I need to work on.

I feel that I have put off publishing my thoughts because I don’t like to brag about things I have done, or am doing.  However, if I am learning openly and sharing, I can have a record of who I am and how I am growing.

I think that if I write it down, I am more likely to be self-reflective and force me to follow through.

George Curous has some great resources on using Blogs as a Digital Portfolio:  Blogs as Digital Portfolios

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