Building Relationships and Developing People

I am pleased to be able to lead by example and help teachers learn how to effectively teach online.

I have been sharing my expertise in Ontario on how to effectively teach online.  Then in December 2013, I invited Sabina to present at a CESBA conference together and I learned much more sharing and Sabina was able to take the lead with a fantastic interactive presentation.

Cesba Bookmark

A new Hybrid teaching project initiative from the ministry of education began last year.  Jonathan Brown is the lead at the ministry and knows the great innovative work we are doing at Loyola with online and blended learning and asked if we would be interested in this pilot project.  I was pleased to suggest another young new teacher in our school Kathleen as able to take the lead on this for our school.  I am so pleased to be able to support her, but know that she is fantastic and this partnership with the ministry of education is great for her career.

I am also so pleased that some more experienced teachers at our school are also interested and participating in this project too.