Check Spelling and Grammar with Grammarly

Tech Talk 5:  This tutorial focuses on how to use Google Extension Grammarly to check your spelling and grammar.  You can get this from the Chrome Web Store looking for  Grammarly.  This integrates automatically when you are logged into Google Chrome.  Grammarly doesn’t naturally work with Google Docs, but there is an easy workaround for this.

All students and staff with a Google account automatically have Grammarly extension installed.

Annotate with OneNote

I’m very lucky and now have a Microsoft Surface Pro 4!  I want to look at annotation and have used PDF Annotator in the past.

OneNote is already on my new machine and is quick and easy to annotate student work submitted from D2L.  Check out walkthrough below on what this could look like in your online course.

Of course, I would also include a feedback video to a student using SNAGIT too.

Tech Talk 2 – Read and Write Chrome Extension for Assistive Technology

I’m a bit embarrassed that I have not posted for so long.  My next share is exciting that we have purchased 400 licences for Loyola students.

We can also use Read and Write to annotate pdf files – share file with student and let them voice-type, read back and highlight.

We now have SNAPVERTER that lets you convert any PDF to make it readable.  You can even take a picture of ANY document with your phone and send it to your SNAPVERTER folder in your Google Drive to convert to readable PDF!

Tech Talk 1 – Sharing Google Docs

Here is my challenge – colleagues have asked for more technology PD.  I am looking to provide workshops every 1-2 weeks together, but thought some regular 2-5 minute Tech Talk videos might spark interest and from feedback could guide where we go in our technology direction.

Here is my first one:  It is on creating and sharing a Google Doc.  This lets multiple users edit the same document in Real Time – people can comment or edit.  No need to email documents, just share them! Everyone is always on the same most current version!