Tech Talk 15 – Combine Brightspace Annotator and Loom Video

Please let’s personalize feedback to students.  If you can choose the first assignment to start, provide video feedback to each student and use their name a few times.

Brighspace/D2L/MindsOnLine – has a built in Annotator that is really excellent – lets me do my feedback online within the platform without having to go to outside PDF Annotator if I like.

I still like to include Video feedback too and LOOM is now my goto as it is very quick, and gives me a responsive embed code that works great on any platform.  Also lets me know when my videos are watched!

Why should I blog?

I am a teacher with a passion for integrating technology in the classroom.  Currently, I am teaching at Loyola School of Adult and Continuing Education in Kingston Ontario.

I have been teaching for many years and have had so many wonderful experiences.  I am currently completing my Principal Qualifications Course and was creating a new Professional Portfolio.

I realized that I have a few binders of resumes, reference letters, certificates etc.  They all seem so outdated.  If I am going to lead by example, I need to put my ideas and values out there to “learn openly” as George Couros calls it.  Allow others to challenge me and make me better.  Of course I may have no followers on my blog, but that is OK, I’m doing it for my own journey.

I am going to break down my blog into categories and that should help me identify my strengths and also my weaknesses so I know what I need to work on.

I feel that I have put off publishing my thoughts because I don’t like to brag about things I have done, or am doing.  However, if I am learning openly and sharing, I can have a record of who I am and how I am growing.

I think that if I write it down, I am more likely to be self-reflective and force me to follow through.

George Curous has some great resources on using Blogs as a Digital Portfolio:  Blogs as Digital Portfolios