Devloping the Organization to Support Desired Practices

Building community is our biggest goal at my school.  We have an opportunity to build within our local schools and amongst our other Loyola campuses.

Over the last few years, I have been giving workshops in classes and with teachers on how to use Google Apps for Education.  I am the administrator of G.A.F.E as well.  I have attended multiple Google Summits and been able to roll out G.A.F.E for all of our students.  I piloted Chromebooks and we are now purchasing more for all of our sites.  This allows students to quickly research, create and collaborate!


I’m pleased that we are meeting the needs of our diverse student population by introducing them to this free online tool that they can share and collaborate in.  Classes are sharing files and folders and we don’t have to worry about losing files.

We were even able to do a Google Hangout so three PSW classes (in 3 campuses) could participate live in video chat.


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