Setting Directions

Building a shared vision

I thought I should start with my Personal Philosophy of Education Delisle 2015

Loyola has been working on Collaborative Inquiry for a few years now.  Our campuses are separated by distance and want to focus on creating the best program for both in-class and online courses.  Our newest Collaborative Inquiry questions:

By redesigning our ENG4E and SBI3C online courses specifically for our adult learner, focusing on inquiry-driven authentic content, will our students be more engaged in a course more relevant to their current and future needs?

We are linked with the Ministry of Education on a new Hybrid project to be used in-class and online.  We have writers and reviewers.  We are sharing resources and co-planning these new courses.

Our teachers are innovators and leaders in the province.

By building new courses together, our teaching and vision are shared amongst our sites and make it easier for our students to navigate between courses.

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