Don’t just deliver information

George Curous tweeted a link recently

I like how Krissy said “When we are the ‘deliverers of all information’ we steal something special.”

We don’t give our students the opportunity to make connections and to learn!  I’m trying now in my computer class to show a few neat things but more importantly to give them time to explore.  They need to get frustrated and learn how to deal with that frustration.

When a student asks me how to do something, I say that I don’t always know the answer, but we can learn it together and I model how I would figure it out.  Often I suggest to Google “How do I…” and look for a video.  I believe that this empowers them to know they can learn without me.

If we give them a project and ask them to recreate it, where is the learning and exploration?  I loved Randy Pausch’s book “The Last Lecure:  Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”.  You should really check out his lecture on-stage at:

But specifically this clip I cut from video (using where he talks about setting the bar in an assignment.  

“I obviously didn’t know how high the bar should be, and I’d only do them a disservice by putting it anywhere.”