My name is Chris Delisle, and I am currently the department head of Loyola School of Adult and Continuing Education in Kingston Ontario.

I am passionate about teaching and learning with technology, but I am embarrassed that I have not had a digital presence yet.  This blog is my challenge to myself to be more reflective and share what I am doing.

I am a father of two fantastic girls and married to Jackie Decker whom I met in teachers college many years ago.  She is the most innovative and passionate teacher that I have ever met.

I don’t believe that teaching is about delivering content, but teaching how to learn.  I often say “I know what do do when I know what to do, I need to know what to do when I don’t know what to do”.  So we need to model tools for students (and teachers) to know what to do when we are stuck.

Both of my parents were educators passionate about teaching.  They would come home after work and be so excited about their students being engaged and arguing about the lessons.  They would introduce a lesson and the best lessons were when they could step back and let the class come alive on their own.

I started teaching in my very late 20’s and was fortunate to begin my teaching career at Lakeshore Collegiate in Etobicoke Ontario.  Such a fantastic and diverse school.  I moved from there with Jackie to Kenya for 4 months volunteering with street children and we got engaged at the top of Mount Kenya.  Then we moved to New Zealand and taught for 5 years.  My eldest daughter was born and our second was on the way.  We moved back to Kingston to be closer to family.

In 2013, my father passed away and my family moved in with my mother.  So fantastic to have “grandma” so close.

I love teaching and feel that building community is the most important thing.  I am completing my principal papers, but really not sure that I want to move into administration.  I love teaching and am not a big fan of budgets and report writing.


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